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  1. NathanG

    Let Me Do Your SEO

    Here's the deal... I have an SEO team that will do everything for you. We have a proven track record since 2009 with over 200 clients ranking internationally. If you want to completely outsource your SEO, or if you have clients that are interested in doing it and you want to just earn a...
  2. NathanG

    Inspiring but funny video

    If you can get past the language I think you'll enjoy this funny but inspiring video: Stop being a pussy - YouTube
  3. NathanG

    Hello from Florida

    Hi folks, I look forward to interacting with you and meeting more offliners. Have a great week! ~ Nathan
  4. NathanG

    [FREE VIDEO] Build $1MM Offline Marketing Business in 9 Months With Only 3 Clients...

    Dear Friend, Contrary to what you've been told, building an "offline empire" does NOT require: - Selling the same marketing tactic over and over again - Nervous cold calls and/or expensive direct mail - Working more than 40 hours a week - Chamber of commerce meetings and other time wasting...
  5. NathanG

    The biggest PROBLEM with offline marketing...

    Hello there, After looking at a few threads, it seems people are at different stages in their businesses and I was curious... especially for people just starting out or fairly new to the game... What is your most burning question and/or problem when it comes to doing marketing for offline...