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    Meds online

    "Hello locals. I'd like to ask you a favor. I know I'm new here and it's probably not an appropriate place to ask. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to regular CVS stores since some of my medication isn't covered by health insurance. Yes, those are non-prescription drugs and I've been...
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    office ventilation issue

    I work in the medical industry. Our working office is an old room with no acess to day ligh or fresh air, no window. Size approx, 12'x 6'. Add a pc and a small medical fridge under stairs that are over the new office space. When told about the move which is in an accommodation block, with...
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    I'm desperate looking for a gymnastic outfit for my Annie (7). She's really slim and really anxious. It's her first competition, so I want to boost her spirits any way I can. I'm thinking about custom tailoring (on a budget though). Has anybody ever ordered such a thing online? Found this one so...
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    office chair under 100?

    For quite sometime I have a tough fight which chair to choose, I have a back-ache so for me its important to have a good relaxing chair, but I don't want to spend over $300-400, the less the better. Found some good options on https://www.gurureviewclub.com/best-office-chair-under-100/ . What...
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    web design fonts

    Hello folks! Let me share a cool resource with beautiful fonts for your web design projects - https://www.templatemonster.com/fonts.php . These are tiny things you can change on your website that could make huge impacts to your website that won’t cost you much time or effort.
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    web fonts

    Hello graphic designers. What fonts do you use for your design projects? Do you have any favourite resources? I've just found a cool resource with beautiful fonts https://www.templatemonster.com/fonts.php . Have you ever used such premium fonts? Are they worth using?
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    Web design advice

    I'm pretty new to web design, so I'm looking for the forums, blogs to discuss trends, give advice, share stories, uncover insights, surface opportunities etc. What are your favourite resources? Mine is https://studioblackbelt.com/ , but I still need connect in-person communication. Any helpful...
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    WordPress theme recommendations?

    Hello folks! A complete non-techie here who badly needs a website for business. I don't have much money to invest in website that's why I decided to go on my own. I gonna use these professionally designed and developed wordpress themes for businesses...
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    Favorite shoes brand

    Actually my question is: what is your favorite shoes brand guys? I am a big fan of Salamander, Nike and Reebok, just curious what are yours?
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    Delete Recovery Partition?

    I just put a new blank SSD in a Dell laptop. I guess OEM's stopped putting product keys on computers - to load windows 10 on it, I had to run the dell recovery software, which loaded Windows7 (with Dell's OEM settings). After that I ran an in place upgrade to Windows 10. The problem is that...
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    Oliver here!

    Hello guys and gals! Nice to meet you all!