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    Control Pan-tilt Camera with PHPoC Black

    [Project] Pan-tilt Camera [Items] 1. PHPoC Black 2. RS422/RS485 Board 3. Tablet (to connect to the PHPoC Black webpage) 4. Pan-tilt camera (connected to the PHPoC Black via RS485) [Operation] Connect the pan-tilt camera to the PHPoC Black via RS485, and configure transmission speed with...
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    Remote car starter OEM vs Flashlogic

    I'm looking to have a remote car starter installed in my hatchback. I looked at the Flashlogic FLRSBA unit with the ADS-THR-HA8 T-Harness & ADS-USB Programming Cable this runs about 210.00 on ebay. I also looked at the OEM# 08E91-T2A-100 -Kit with OEM# 08E92-TBA-100A -Attachment, and that runs...