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    Help finding jobs to apply for.

    This is really something that should be taken more seriously.
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    Find IT jobs for you

    And why not think about medicine? I've been thinking about a career change, and the healthcare field has always interested me. The idea of becoming an EKG Technician sounds appealing, but I'm wading through a sea of information right now. One thing I'm curious about is the Online EKG...
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    Why Is Instagram Banning Me For Making A New Account?

    When I faced a similar issue, turns out it was related to some glitches in Instagram's algorithm. Have you tried reaching out to their support? Meanwhile, ever thought about giving your new account a little boost? I once explored the idea of Instagram buy likes, and it helped my content get...
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    Identifying different codes in a column on the same ID

    Even though the thread is a couple of years old, the fundamentals of using Tableau for such tasks remain unchanged. To create a calculated field for this purpose, you'll want to use logical expressions. You can use functions like IF or CASE to compare the codes and dates within your dataset. For...
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    How do you get a software developers kit?

    Getting your hands on a software developer's kit (SDK) is usually straightforward. Start by visiting the website of the platform or technology you're interested in developing for. They often have a dedicated developer resources section where you can download the SDK, access documentation, and...
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    Games on the phone

    Not sure where exactly this belongs... but I enjoy my daily Sudoku on the phone. With ads, because I'm too cheap to pay for it. Question is are there really people playing Bingo Cash and Solitaire Party and etc. etc. and 'making' $10,000 a month? Or even $100?
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    USA poker rooms that accept stablecoins like Tether?

    It's fascinating to see how stablecoins like Tether are gaining traction in the online gambling world, especially for poker players in the USA. The stability they offer compared to other cryptocurrencies definitely addresses a major concern about price volatility. Plus, the convenience of quick...
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    Bolstering Cybersecurity: How Large Language Models and Generative AI are Transforming Digital Security

    The cybersecurity community is not sitting idle. The emergence of Generative AI and large language models is empowering defenders to develop more robust and adaptive security measures. These technologies allow for quicker threat detection and more efficient responses.
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    Help me find a job

    I think whether you're into freelancing, content creation, or something entirely unique, there are endless opportunities out there. Dive in, explore, and you'll find your path to earning money online.
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    SVG logo disappeared

    I see that your SVG logo disappeared, and even though it's been a couple of years since your post, I'd like to offer some help. Troubleshooting these issues can be tricky, but it's worth a shot. Firstly, check if the SVG file is still in the same location as when you initially uploaded it...
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    Looking for agency to manage our PPC campaigns

    On the hunt for a stellar agency to rock your PPC campaigns? Look no further! If you're into B2B/Tech and Cloud infrastructure, check out Athina Digital at https://www.athinadigital.co.uk/ppc-agency/. They've got the skills to make your campaigns soar! Got any other awesome recommendations...
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    Calmwell CBD Gummies

    Thanks for the heads up on Calmwell CBD Gummies. I tried them recently, and they're a game-changer for stress relief. I love the natural ingredients and the quick results. However, I also saw them at https://releaf.co.uk/blog earleir. Highly recommend!
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    Sergey Brin gifted $600 million in Google shares to mystery party

    I just stumbled upon this Sergey Brin news – $600 million in Google shares to a mystery party? Talk about a high-stakes gift! Wonder who the lucky recipient is? It must be the ultimate surprise package! Sergey's wealth is soaring too – big week for him. You can find some info about him at Sergey...
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    Social Media Marketing specific tactics

    Sounds like you're gearing up for some exciting work with your Social Media Marketing Agency, and it's great that you're focusing on prospect engagement for Toyota dealerships. In terms of specific tactics, I'd recommend tailoring content to the local market, highlighting Toyota's unique...
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    FastestVPN is the hallmark for success for VPN providers in the world here's why?

    You know, a solid VPN can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying online content securely and with no geographic restrictions. I've personally found that having a reliable VPN opens up a whole new world of streaming possibilities. It's like having a backstage pass to the internet...
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    Download Windows 7 Professional!

    Hey there, thanks for sharing this offer. However, I recently switched back to Windows, and I've found that Windows 10 is the better option for me. It has a lot of useful features and updates, plus it's more secure. Also, I recently discovered a subreddit about the cheap windows 10 key cheap...