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    Common Resource Manager (CRM) system entity

    Hello All. Anybody has heard about the Common Resource Manager (CRM) system entity? Is it a Hw or Sw piece? This is for Nokia DSS implementation, and it is supposed to coordinate an in carrier spectrum resources sharing between LTE and NR.
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    Crypto Skins not working

    I have tried several different skins and INI files that should show various crypto prices but none of them work. I've tried several things to determine why but it's as if you can not obtain current crypto prices via Rainmeter anymore. Does anyone know why or can anyone point me to a working...
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    When to book a cruise?

    We're thinking of booking a cruise in February next year. We've never been on one before and wondered when/how is the best time to book. Are travel agents best or is it best to go the cruise line? How long in advance should we book?
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    Mens clothing.... what are you wearing?

    Being of a certain age I hate clothes shopping. As such I'm increasingly seeing the benefits of having a smaller wardrobe of a few really good quality items that can be mixed and matched rather than loads of fast fashion that gets chucked every few months. Currently have been buying the quality...
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    House painters....

    I had a few quotes to get the wooden fascia (it was badly peeling), some stonework that is around our front door that were painted to match the fascia and one wooden window frame painted. My house is a 2 story with some odd angles and extra fascia high up due to extensions so I didn't feel...
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    5 Best Casino Games to play with crypto

    Cryptocurrencies give you access to a vast number of casino games. In addition to classic games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, you can also find unique nuggets. Have you ever heard of crash games? What about Dice or Hi-Lo? Do you know what the Provably Fair algorithm is? If the...
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    Live Betting software/alerts

    Does anyone know of any software which exists or apps which can alert you to when lines move to certain amounts LIVE or when ML gets to certain odds?
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    Dynamics SL Web Service on a different Server

    Lets say SQL is deploy on server A and Web Service is deploy on Server B. How would web Service speak to the SQL and the database on Server A? I Want to deploy Web Service and Webapps on a different Server than the one that have SQL.
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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Maps with Teams integration is the future of business productivity

    Statistics highlight that Microsoft Teams saw a surge in its use from 20 Million daily active users in 2019 to 75 Million in April 2020. The number is 280 million in 2023 and counting! Intriguing Numbers, right? The changing face of daily global and local web communication cannot be...
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    Wordpress Adsense plugin or manually insert the codes into your theme?

    So today I started a new blog got my theme up and plugins sorted and then run into a problem while trying to install the adsense google plugin. For some reason they have stopped this so not sure what plugin to use for adsense now. Can anyone recommend a plugin or is it best to manually add the...
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    Third Time Lucky Lavender?

    After two batches of Lavender soap going rancid within the past 8 months, this soap has been given the opportunity to redeem itself and find a place in my list of 'must-have-in-stock-at-all-times'. The first batch I assumed had gone rancid because of the Lavender EO, which has a tendency to...
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    Professional Hair Care Users Thread

    I've been wanting a thread like this for a while, especially because professional haircare products is what I'm into and prefer for my hair. Thought I'd make this for those that do use salon brands as well that want to share what worked for them and didn't, so we can help each other out when...
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    New pricing model. This is ridiculous.

    Just received the message about the new price model. Sorry guys, this is ridiculous. We'll leave the platform as soon as possible. End and over.
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    Securing commercial doors partly open

    Hi all, My partner and I own a contract cleaning company. While I have experience with truck mounts, in the past, we have only used portable machines but we are considering getting a truck mount to service our customers periodic carpet and having tile cleaning. Can anyone tell me if there is...
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    Please Help with finding a router

    Hi everyone. I am currently looking for a off the shelf router that can offer 1200Mbps (or 1000Mbps), wifi (WPA 3 Encryption), and is compatible with vlan switches. The vlans will just be for separating computers and iot devices. Prefer to not be using a x86_64 router's that run pfsense...
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    Fungicide and mowing dilemma

    We have Lee coming tomorrow night/ Saturday and I have today as dry day for a mow. The issue is that I took advantage of the light rainfall yesterday and I applied ppz, clearys and Azoxy, since today was suppose to be a wash according to yesterdays forecast. It’s been hot, damp and humid the...
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    Psi rating for radient floor heat panel test???

    Well gents, you guys have helped me with everything from thermostat install to asphalt driveways, so here is today's conundrum. As many of you know, I built a pole building with radiant in floor pex heating. I pressure checked the " in floor" portion and it held 50 psi for months and months...
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    What’s the trashiest wedding you’ve ever attended

    I went to one where the food caterer was raising canes. That’s my top I asked the groom about it because he really was a good buddy of mine from college and he said you can’t beat the tail gate price I just shook my head and laughed
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    Baby's ride-on toy has battery next to tigh area.

    Please see attachment picture. There is a black-box-battery-compartment in the middle of the picture. That's means that my baby has been sitting on 3 AA batteries when he is playing with the toy. I'm always afraid EMF/radiation from electrical source. My baby has been playing with this toy for...
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    Why Is Instagram Banning Me For Making A New Account?

    I have never used Instagram before, I only made a brand new account and it no activity on it yet Instagram suspended my account accusing me of violating their community guidelines and asked me to upload a photo of myself holding a piece of paper with my full name, username and a code (which I...