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  1. christinaw

    Why does "Gretsch-talk" think I'm behind a private proxy?

    That sounds frustrating! It seems like there might be a misunderstanding with your connection. A private proxy can sometimes trigger security measures on certain websites. Have you heard back from the forum admins after sending the email? Hopefully, they'll be able to assist you in resolving...
  2. christinaw

    Help finding jobs to apply for.

    For Fiverr, finding buyer requests can be a bit tricky. Have you tried clicking on the "Selling" tab? That's where I stumbled upon it. By the way, your skills as a full-stack developer, even at an intermediate level, are valuable. I remember starting out and feeling the same way. Once, a mentor...
  3. christinaw

    How to save animated gif?

    Saving animated GIFs? Adobe Express is your go-to for a user-friendly experience. If you're up for an adventure, there's DaVinci Resolve, but it's a bit complex. And hey, when you're all set, don't forget to compress image for smoother sharing!
  4. christinaw

    Project Management

    Totally get the struggle with using separate platforms for projects. A built-in Projects module in SWSD would indeed be a game-changer for seamless collaboration. While CHANGES or RELEASES might help, having a dedicated space for tasks, files, and meetings could level up project tracking. By the...
  5. christinaw

    Are you new? So stay away from trading.

    Great advice here! Diving into both trading and investing is like testing the waters – find what floats your boat! Understanding the ropes on both ends lets you pick what suits you best. And if the waves get too wild, there's always the safe harbor of long-term investment. Btw, have you given...
  6. christinaw

    Do You Pickleball?

    Pickleball is a fantastic game! It's versatile enough to enjoy both casually and competitively. Personally, I love the social aspect of it, but I also appreciate the competitive edge it brings. It's all about finding that perfect balance between fun and challenge. Whether it's a leisurely game...
  7. christinaw

    Polestar bags

    Congrats on snagging those Polestar bags—they look slick! Idk if you're the absolute first, you're definitely among the early birds. They seem super stylish and functional. If you're into quality leather goods, you might wanna check out https://vonbaer.com/ too—similar aesthetic vibes.
  8. christinaw

    Setting off / hide server ip address

    Allowing users to change server locations within the client, similar to how Discord operates, can contribute to a more secure environment.
  9. christinaw

    Online Gambling

    Sneaky links and disappearing wagers, talk about a digital mystery! I feel you are on a tight budget, but navigating these sites can be a maze. Have you tried reaching out to their support? Maybe they can help unravel this digital enigma! Also, try this site (pgslot เว็บ ตรง). It is easy to...
  10. christinaw

    My business is ruined - lost all data on USB flash drive. Absolutely devastated. Plz help

    Hey there, I totally feel your pain! Losing business data is like losing a piece of your soul, especially during these tough times. I once had a similar scare with my trusty SanDisk, and I know the panic. So, I stumbled upon this cloud-based CRM transformer called Planfix...
  11. christinaw

    What is the ETC forecast for 2024?

    Exciting times ahead for ETC! While forecasts are cool, remember the crypto rollercoaster – anything can happen. It's better to use more security with a secure wallet that splits private keys. Personally, I'm buckled up for the ride! What are your thoughts on the prediction?
  12. christinaw

    Cleveland: Downtown: Jack Cleveland Casino - Phase 2

    Your idea is genius! Imagine the vibe with restaurants and retail facing out – pure perfection! I hope Sherwin Williams is on board. Fingers crossed for Cleveland's special riverside casino dream! I hope it will be as thrilling as my favorite casino (Best Online Casino Malaysia). Good luck!
  13. christinaw

    Proxy error in confluence when trying to access confluence page

    I understand that you're encountering a 502 proxy error while trying to access a specific page in Confluence. It's frustrating when such issues occur, especially if the page contains a substantial amount of data. Since everything else is working fine except for this one page, it might be related...
  14. christinaw

    I want to start investing

    Try to define your financial goals. Are you looking for quick returns, or are you planning for the long term?
  15. christinaw

    How do business people benefit from the Binance clone script?

    Thanks for sharing this info. It's cool to see how Binance clone scripts are making it easier for crypto startups and entrepreneurs to dive into the market. The cryptocurrency industry is evolving at such an exciting pace, with new opportunities and tools constantly emerging to boost profits...
  16. christinaw


    Thanks for sharing these Facebook links. I'll definitely check them out for some valuable tips and info. Speaking of success, I'm actually working on promoting my own business on social networks too. I recently decided to Buy Softreg Facebook Accounts, as I discovered that it can be super...
  17. christinaw

    How to get started with crypto exchange development?

    Fantastic breakdown of the steps involved in launching a crypto exchange! You've definitely covered the major points which any entrepreneur should be aware of before diving into this field. While the focus on white-label solutions is pivotal, I'd also suggest looking into algorithmic trading as...