Hello OMF members,
When We plan to use different email marketing tools, we should consider different factors as like Autoresponders, Email delivery, Social media marketing integrations etc for selecting the right email marketing software. After searching for some best email marketing software I have found some list but I am confused about the best tool to use for my campaign. I am now sharing some email marketing software review for suggestions guys:

1. AWeber
It includes with WordPress, PayPal, Eventbrite and a few others. It enables you to easily segment your lists. It is good for expert digital marketers. It also allows you to add attachments to your sending email. The bad thing is that It has no free trial, no integration with Google Analytics, no ability to forward a message to a friend. It usually offers various monthly plans.

2. Constant Contact
It is important if you want your emails to come from several people within your company. It is very beneficial with the new Gmail tabs. It's KPI’s and reporting data is very extensive, you can easily look at bounces, complaints, opt-outs, CTA’s, sends and social shares. It's bad side is that There is no free version and no Google Analytics reviews. It's pricing is monthly which is based on your number of email addresses.

3. iContact
It has lots of templates provides you a head start on your email marketing campaigns. It's bad side is that Conversion details is only accessible through Salesforce (another software may be).

4. MailChimp
It has over 500 templates to select from. You have the accessibility of coding your email immediately with HTML and inline CSS. It uses an superior open API and motivates other programs to integrate with it. PayPal, Google Analytics, Shopify and many more presently integrate with Mail Chimp. There is some bad sides of it. It does not enable you to send one campaign to multiple customer lists and it does not allow to send auto-responder campaigns. It has different monthly plans to choose from.

I have found these reviews and thinking to use among these software but I am not sure that What Should I choose? Please guys help me to select the right one or suggest some other best tool to use. Waiting for kind suggestions guys.